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Case Study: Marketing and PR Producing Content Together

Producing content can have its challenges at times. Producing newsworthy content for a well-established brand even more so… especially in event marketing. To create newsworthy content, Marketing and PR have to work side by side to string together singular initiatives into one impactful campaign.

What does that process entail? A good example of how marketing and the public relations teams leveraged their areas of expertise to execute a strategic communication plan is UBM Tech’s Game Marketing Team and the PR agency fortyseven’s approach to promoting the third annual State of the Industry (SOI) survey for the Game Developers Conference (GDC).

The results of the State of the Industry survey were revealed after a timed sequence of events – a press release, blog post, a series of social feeds linking to the blog post, interviews, and press tours.

The State of the Industry Survey was the brainchild of fortyseven, (the PR Agency of record for the GDC), proposed as part of the PR plan for the 2013 Game Developers Conference.

“If the size of the opportunity is defined by the industry impact itself, then our recommendation is for GDC to assume an industry advocacy role and educate the press on why games matter.” -fortyseven

The challenge for the GDC brand came from continually positioning itself as a leader in the industry, for being both influential and relevant to the communities it serves. This is a stumbling block most older brands have to maneuver, and perhaps more than once. The solution was to develop an “Impact Initiative” with a solid communication plan between Marketing and PR to create the messaging, the goals, the creative and targeting specific markets.

This is how they turned an “Impact Initiative” into an actionable items:

  • Define the goal of the “Impact Initiative”
  • Describe the impact you want for the industry and how it relates to the community’s journey
  • Engage community in dialogue
  • Generate valuable content from community engagement
  • Infographics—visual representation of data, knowledge that can easily be used in social media strategy
  • Use social media to promote the initiative in all of its stages—from inception to the results release
  • Pitch—leverage the results to secure media coverage and exposure
  • Share broadly

The UBM Tech marketing team developed the messaging and communications. We launched into a campaign promoting the survey through social media and email campaigns, fetching over 2,500 North American respondents. The results were analyzed in-house and the content generated by the Gamasutra Editorial.  Then it was handed off to PR to promote of the survey results through a press release and Press Tour.

Since inception, the State of the Industry Survey has successfully spurred media conversations, securing coverage within top tier mainstream media.  The content has also fueled the GDC event itself by linking the trends and highlighted findings to relevant sessions and speakers. The initial results were so well received by press and the gaming community that the SOI became an annual survey, allowing us to compare year on year numbers, and to be seen as a resource of industry measurements every year.

If you are interested in reading the survey results click here

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