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Case Study: Serving Many Content Streams with Few Content Creators

UBM worked with MarketingProfs on a series of tech marketing eBooks starting in 2016. You can find the first of them here: Betting On Your Brand – Tech Marketing Best Practices. The collaboration was so successful that MarketingProfs reached out to include us as a case study in their new ebook, Serving Many Content Streams with Few Content Creators: 4 Clever Ways to Create Without Going Crazy.

Read the UBM excerpt below:

UBM turns one e-book into a productive series

UBM, one of the world’s leading B2B event organizers, created an e-book for one of their broad target segments: tech marketers. The team had other, more targeted audiences they wanted to create content for and wanted to leverage the work that was already done.

The solution? They used the original e-book as the foundation for core content, and swapped out key paragraphs, industry examples, and titles to appeal to their more targeted segments. The offshoots even used the same graphical elements but with updated cover images to relate to the corresponding audiences. By repurposing the core of its original e-book, UBM’s Technology Group was able to create three additional content assets effectively and efficiently.


Check out the rest of their eBook to dive into their practical recommendations on how to shoulder even the largest content load by...

  • Expanding your team (even when you can't hire more staff)
  • Targeting content based on key buyer behaviors rather than demographic nuances
  • Investing in large, pillar assets that you can easily recycle into many related pieces
  • Customizing core content for multiple audiences without starting from scratch