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A Channel & A Mindset To Make Your Website Perform Better

As we continue to be reminded, Internet marketing is incredibly fluid. What worked six months ago, may or may not be effective today. Here are two concepts you are hopefully employing right now.


Remarketing involves having banners placed on other websites which participate in Content networks such as Google's or Bing's. Based upon the way your campaign is structured, the ads are served when people who visited your site, but didn’t "convert" (take a particular action step) visit other sites that participate in the Content network, such as The Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, etc. The banners may be branding oriented or, better yet, offer incentives for the person to come back to your website.

The amount of traffic generated from Remarketing typically isn’t huge, but the quality tends to be impressive, given visitor’s awareness with your website / business.

Develop A Commitment To Ongoing Content Creation

More so than ever before, there are no shortcuts to achieving impressive Natural (non-paid) results within Google’s database.

Google is placing an extraordinary emphasis on the development of fresh and unique content. Content, though, ought to take many forms. Simply adding new optimized pages to your website is not enough. Content today encompasses many forms, including video, tweets, blogs, whitepapers, presentations, photos, etc. which can all find their way into the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

While it’s understandable and not practical for most companies to be adding all these forms of content all of the time, it’s vital to make an effort to produce some type of content on a frequent basis.

Effective online marketing requires a breadth of skills. Remarketing and continuous content creation are two elements of effective programs that should be often utilized by most organizations.