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Cloud Security and Risk Survey

For most companies, the question isn't whether to use cloud software or infrastructure, but how to do it securely. This Chart of the Week is a preview into the upcoming InformationWeek Report, Cloud Security and Risk Survey, which reveals new research on business technology executives top cloud concerns and the top drivers of cloud services. The full report will be available for download on September 2, 2013.

Cloud vendors need the IT department’s trust in order to grow their business. If a CIO feels that their data set or application is too sensitive to entrust to a third party — or if they distrust the cloud for other technology defects - cloud providers will lose potential new business.

To help CIOs feel more confident in your services, this week’s chart shows that vendors should provide comprehensive audits from qualified third parties, as well an audit by their own security team.


Make sure you’re addressing your prospects’ cloud security concerns! Stay tuned for the full report - or check out the 2013 State Of Cloud Computing research report that speaks to the overall market.

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