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Content Marketing Rules in Cleveland (Yep, Cleveland!)

Last week’s Content Marketing World played host to more than 1,740 digital marketers in Cleveland.  Yep, Cleveland.  The home of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is now the center of content marketing – or at least declares Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi.  According to Pulizzi, of the attendees, "10 percent of the people have the word 'content' in their titles. The others are marketing directors, social media directors, or people who in some way, shape or form are responsible for content."

This was the first year I attended the event, and per the norm at any industry event, I met a host of digital marketers from different industries and company sizes. Some of the attendees were just starting their content marketing strategies, and were startled to learn that we launched our content marketing platform,, back in 2008.  I told them the content marketing strategies and approaches being shared at Content Marketing World were certainly good best practices, but that if they didn’t put their customer and information relevancy needs first, they may as well not bother with any content marketing at all. Especially when it comes to the b-to-c space. And, have long-term goals and objectives, but focus on little wins, lest content marketing will feel like a hike up Mount Everest. content marketing world_stage

During his opening keynote, Pulizzi shared some top line stats from his soon-to-be released 2014 content marketing research study (conducted with Marketing Profs).

  • Top 5 content marketing tactics used:
    • Social media
    • E-newsletters
    • Blogs
    • In-person events
    • Video
  • Most effective marketing tactics used:
    • In-person events
    • Webinar
    • Videos
    • Blogs
    • E-newsletters
  • Marketers allocate 30% of their total budget on content marketing; 60% say they plan to increase their budget next year
  • Producing enough content continues to be the #1 biggest challenges that marketers face
    • 30% say they don’t have enough time
    • 11% say they don’t have enough content
    • 11% say they don’t have enough engaging content
  • 50% of the respondents do not have a documented content strategy

Many attendees were squirming in their seats while these stats were being shared, but sessions to come would address many of these challenges.

Alas, stay tuned for my next Content Marketing World recap.

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