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Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind While You Educate And Inform

Take advantage of our built-in business process for creating and distributing a wide variety of content formats that attract target audiences. Third-party sources provides credibility: 63% of IT professionals deem content more credible if it’s hosted on an independent media website.

Custom White Papers

Put Our Content Expertise To Work For You

Enhance your company's credibility as a solution provider with a custom white paper written by one of our subject matter experts. Our content team will work with you to create a white paper that engages IT professionals and creates demand for your products and services.

A dedicated project manager and editor will be assigned to your white paper project to ensure the concept, layout, editing and design are completed on schedule and will resonate with IT decision makers.

Executive Video Interview

Engage Your Target Audience Via an Editorially-Driven Video Interview With Your Expert

Leverage the power of video to make an authentic connection with your audience. Informa Tech offers several video interview programs that will elevate your thought leader by capturing key insights as they discuss current trends, solutions to challenges, announce new products, make a company announcement, talk about upcoming events, etc.

Explainer Videos

Develop a Connection With Viewers With Engaging, Easy-to-Digest Videos

Explainer Videos break down complex concepts into simple, short video segments. Typically 30 seconds to 2 minutes, these videos are perfect content marketing assets that can be leveraged in a variety of ways. They are especially effective for top-of-funnel prospects in the discovery and consideration phases.


Simplify Your Message and Bring Your Data to Life Through Visual Design

Infographics are one of the most popular forms of content on the web today, driving more traffic than most traditional content due to their highly visual and easy to digest format that helps users translate data into insights.

Infographics draw a wider viewing audience into information that might otherwise be hidden in long-form content. They also encourage social sharing of your content.

‘State of’ Custom Research Services

Build Thought Leadership

Custom research is ideal for showcasing thought leadership and getting a pulse on customer pain points, investment plans and attitudes. Research reports can be used for lead generation and branding, and data points can be used to build infographics, for social media marketing, to support webinar presentations and more.

We work closely with you to develop the survey and promote it to our active database of buyers. We then craft the research report that helps shape the state of the market and key trends, while communicating your company’s point of view and market position.

Top Ten/Top Tips

An Effective, Concise Guide to Help Readers Understand a Key Topic or Trend

Leverage Informa’s content experts & creative talent to help build content marketing assets. These brief, punchy pieces provide a series of tips or steps that help solve a problem or guide them in a buying decision. We have the experience and know-how to develop content assets that resonate with your target audience – you get unique, custom content that offers long-term marketing value.