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Dark Reading’s 2017 Security Spending Survey Now Available

TCM_DR_1705079_Dark Reading Security Spending Report_Page_01Enterprises are spending an unprecedented amount of money on IT security — where does it all go? Dark Reading, the most trusted online community among security professionals, set to find out. Their 2017 Security Spending Survey offers some insight on how organizations are spending their cybersecurity dollars. They polled 400 IT workers on the size of their security budgets, their plans for spending, the technologies and the services that get top priority, and the primary drivers behind their spending.

First and foremost, they found that it’s not necessarily how many dollars your organization has budgeted for IT security that matters most, it’s how you spend those dollars. Many organizations believe they have done their due diligence if they spend the same amount on security as their peers, but if your enterprise spends money on the wrong things it could make you more vulnerable than ever.

The survey reveals some interesting insights, including the following:

  • 35% of organizations expect to increase their security spending over the next 12 months
  • Nearly 40% of organizations spend 10% or more of their IT budgets on cybersecurity
  • Data breach concerns and compliance are the top drivers behind security spending.
  • Smaller organizations plan to spend more on traditional attack prevention tools, while larger ones are more interested in detection and response capabilities.
  • More companies expect to spend more of their security service dollars on penetration testing and security auditing than on any other services.
  • Cloud service adoption does not diminish the need for security spending.

Download the survey report now to learn more crucial insights into the future of cybersecurity spending.

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