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The Difference Between Helping and Selling

Author Jay Baer’s session at Content Marketing World focused on a concept he terms Youtility.  In a nutshell, Jay defines Youtility as “marketing so useful, people would pay for it.”  He urges digital marketers to help decision makers with their content, not sell to them.  Here are some lessons learned from his session.

  1. Self-serve information – this is about giving customers the “sausage-making” information they want to help their decision making.  Think spec sheets here.  In short, you want to answer every conceivable question that a customer may have and address it with your content.
  2. Radical transparency – you can’t hide; the truth always comes out.  Here, Jay talks about addressing your problems and shortcomings head on. The benefits of doing so?  Trust and the ability to manage the “message” on your own terms.
  3. Real-time relevancy – being massively useful in particular set of circumstances based on your potential customers' location, situation or external (seasonal) factors.  The goal is to create real time relevancy by being on top of your industry’s trends and events.  This sort of timeliness will make your audience see you as an authority in your area.

Jay shared a ton of examples that can be found in his book, “Youtility. Why Smart Marketing Is About Help, Not Hype.

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