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Digital Marketing’s Impact on the Customer Engagement Model

The insights from digital marketing are redefining audience intelligence, as we know it. Digital marketing has not only helped transform audience segmentation, it is now a benchmark and driver for the customer engagement model. The insights we can gather are deeper than ever and every aspect of an organization not only benefits from them, they can be a part of it.

Remember when audience segmentation used to be about the marketing function identifying types of people into buckets and numbers based on fragmented information? This information mostly came from traditional channels and other parts of the organization would occasionally provide additional insights to round out the audience perspective. 

As digital marketing has evolved, we were able to mine data more quickly with a better understanding of people on an individual level. This data enabled us to create true personas with real-time sentiments that traditional marketing could not provide historically. These insights were so promising that they have quickly pushed organizations to integrate their intelligence initiatives so they have a holistic view of its audiences across all touch points.

In perspective, this is also teaching companies to collaborate more effectively internally, while also enhancing collaboration and engagement with customers and partners.

Organizations that adopt an integrated approach are seeing immediate benefits. A recent Forrester study of the marketing industry, titled “The Multichannel Maturity Mandate,” found that mature multichannel marketers improved tactical results which, in turn, drove strategic outcomes including:

  • 40% reported a very significant increase in marketing-attributed revenues
  • 60% reported a significant reduction in the average sales cycle
  • 60% reported a significant increase in return on marketing investment
  • 69% gained more than 10% in customer satisfaction scores

While digital marketing will continue to transform what we know about our audiences and opportunities to engage with them, it will also continue to expand the potential of the customer engagement model and how organizations embrace it.

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