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Don't See A Business Need For A Digital Strategy?

The 2014 InformationWeek Digital Business Survey reveals that when it comes to strategy, size matters. 510 respondents were broken down by number of company employees: 326 hail from organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees, while 184 have more than 1,000.

The most surprising disparity between large and small companies came from the question “Why don’t you have a digital strategy?” A full 0% of large-company respondents cite “no business need” compared to 25% of smaller companies.


It’s disconcerting that in this explosive digital age of mobile, social media, app development, and responsive-designed websites that so many smaller businesses don’t even see a need for a strategy. As customers become more demanding of a cohesive user experience on all their devices, it stands to reason that a company will drive higher revenue and customer loyalty if they have a digital strategy that addresses their customers’ expectations.

Also of note, 61% of small company respondents rate their customer-facing digital presence as “poor” “fair” or “average” meaning the majority of respondents acknowledge that there’s a lot of room for improvement. The catch is that there has to be a strategy in place to make any progress towards a top notch, fully integrated digital presence. The lackluster rating is a clear call to action for marketers to coordinate with the IT department and – together - take charge of their company and brands’ digital presence to make sure information is easy to find, usable, and updated constantly.

If your marketing team is part of the 32% that says they don’t have time to develop a strategy, ask our marketing services team to Create one for you.

To learn more about the survey findings, please visit InformationWeek.


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