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Dr. Dobb’s Now Has Windows Phone App

Reader writes open-source app for Windows Phone 8

UBM Tech’s Dr. Dobb’s (, the most respected development-focused brand for software development professionals, now has an app for Windows Phone. The new app allows users to customize the menu topics based on interests: C/C++, Mobile, .NET, Parallel, Security, Web Development and more.

DD_Windows8appA Dr. Dobb’s reader, Abdalla Massani, took on the task of writing an app for the Windows Phone platform that duplicated the functionality of the Dr. Dobb’s iPhone App. “Personally, I think it’s the best-looking Dr. Dobb’s app available on any platform!” said Andrew Binstock, Dr. Dobb’s Editor in Chief. “Abdalla designed and implemented the app entirely by himself and shepherded it through the Microsoft approval process. He plans to add new features in the future and expects to post the source code as soon as he has it fully commented the way he wants.”

Soon, Massani expects to make the source code available as open source on GitHub allowing others to see how he wrote the app and provide suggestions for improvements. This level of peer-to-peer engagement is exactly what UBM Tech is hoping to achieve across all of its online and event communities.

“As we fully embrace the age of participatory media at UBM Tech, it is great to see our readers get involved and raise the bar for the community at large. Congratulations and thank you to Abdalla for his app. We look forward to continued engagement in the Dr. Dobb’s community,” said Paul Miller, UBM Tech CEO.

Massani is a senior engineer and architect who has been programming in C# for 12 years. His interests include reading technology books and spending time with the family. He currently works for MedAvail Technologies in Mississauga, Canada. Kudos, comments, and suggestions can be sent to him at [email protected].

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