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Dr. Dobb's #1 in Developer Credibility

Evans Data Developer Marketing 2012 Annual Report Rates Dr. Dobb's Most Valuable Website For Software Developers

SAN FRANCISCO, March 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Dobb's, the most respected development-focused brand for software development professionals, has been named the top resource across multiple categories in the Evans Data Developer Marketing 2012 annual report. Dr. Dobb's was rated first among the 20 media sites that serve software developers in the survey, which was based on more than 380 interviews with developers.

Dr. Dobb's won the content triple crown by ranking first place in quality of tech articles, credibility, and usefulness of articles. In addition, Dr. Dobb's topped the list when it comes to the quality of forums and completeness of its site. No other site won top honors in more than one category.

In the three major categories, the Evans Data survey stated:

  • Overall credibility: "Dr. Dobb's has been 'the Bible' for software development for the past three decades and it continues to lead this year."
  • Quality of tech articles: "Dr. Dobb's editorial staff has long been known as first rate… [Today] the site is well managed by Andrew Binstock – a highly respected writer and editor with a staff of very competent writers."
  • Usefulness of tech articles: "Useful articles are those that clearly explain technologies or techniques or give tips that the developer can use."

In other categories, the report observed:

  • Completeness of site: "The more complete a site is, the more developers will visit and the more they will linger. Among the Tier 1 sites, Dr. Dobbs leads."
  • Quality of forums: "Forums are largely outside of the control of publishers… As consequence, the quality of the forums on these sites shows you a lot about the quality of the site's audience."

"Winning the triple crown for content quality, credibility, and usefulness is a strong statement that developers want the in-depth technical content Dr. Dobb's specializes in," said Andrew Binstock, Editor in Chief of Dr. Dobb's.  "The contributions of the industry's best writers and bloggers as well as our obsession with thoughtful commentary are the elements that enabled us to deliver useful, high-quality content free of the usual noise—thereby helping our readers to do their best work."

"Dr. Dobb's has been a perennial favorite with developers for many years because the strong quality of the editorial staff has consistently assured top of the line content and unmatched credibility," said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data. "Developers truly trust Dr. Dobb's.  That's why it has risen to the top and why it continues to be the number one definitive source for development information."

Read more about Evans Data Corp.'s Developer Marketing 2012 survey on the company's site:

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