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Most Respected Developer Brand Evolves to Meet Expanding Needs of Application and Software Development Professionals

San Francisco – March 15, 2010 – UBM TechWeb, the global leader in business technology media and professional information, today announced the expansion and redesign of the Dr. Dobb’s Web site (  Dr. Dobb’s, the most respected brand for developers for more than thirty years, re-launched its site with a greatly enhanced user interface, along with new interactive features, making the site an even more robust and productive tool for application and software development professionals. 

The role of the application and software developer has reached a new pinnacle of importance in today’s market, as software applications and web development are very literally at the heart of how every organization conducts business. provides developers with an inspirational approach, sparking intellectual curiosity on what “could be done,” while reinforcing practical, real-world technical insight on how the architectures, platforms and languages that are defining the market can be applied.  New site features give visitors easier and expanded access to invaluable peer perspective, expert analysis and educational content. 

 Enhancements include: 

  • Personalities exposed – provides a personal connection with the developer community by shining a brighter spotlight on Dr. Dobb’s expert voices, including Editor in Chief Jon Erickson and the Guru Bloggers
  • New search functionality – allows visitors to find what they want faster and more accurately
  • Improved community experience – new commenting functionality allows deeper user interaction and engagement
  • Social network integration – deeper embedding of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Taxonomy refresh – streamlined “channel” navigation across key developer topics  
  • Blog site integration – merging of into for a seamless user experience
  • Single-sign-on membership – gives users simple access to not only, but to other leading IT sites such as,,,, and

"The new site provides users with even better access to integrated information and feedback functionality while providing improved site navigation," said Jon Erickson, Dr. Dobb’s Editor in Chief. "We have designed to be a primary source of application and software development information on the Internet — a one-stop resource for developers. What hasn't changed, however, is Dr. Dobb's commitment to excellence in technical information and its continued commitment to provide the software development community with a cross-platform, language-independent forum for sharing and examining topics that are both useful and important."

The redesign comes on the heels of a recent survey by Evans Data where developers were asked to identify and rate the websites they visit on a regular basis. came out as #1 in a number of categories, including quality of technical articles, usefulness of technical articles, blogs, unbiased product coverage, and overall credibility.  Almost half a million unique visitors visit monthly.  

“The new Dr. Dobb’s site is much more than just a redesigned Web site,” said UBM TechWeb CEO Tony Uphoff. “The platform on which Dr. Dobb’s is built represents UBM TechWeb’s next generation for business media, information and community interaction. UBM TechWeb’s breakthrough media architecture combines Web 2.0 disciplines and applications with a completely re-engineered platform for fostering and cultivating user generated content and community. This new platform enables new forms of contextual and immersive online marketing and is designed to extend UBM TechWeb’s lead in meeting the demands of the today’s online marketer.”

For more information on Dr. Dobb’s, please visit the newly enhance site: or contact Brandon Friesen, VP and Publisher of Dr. Dobb’s at [email protected]

Dr. Dobb’s offers technology marketers fully integrated marketing communications programs to engage and activate software and application developers. These performance marketing solutions scale from broad-based branding and awareness to targeted lead generation programs focused on specific topics and technologies. For more information, please contact Martha Schwartz, Vice President Group Sales, at [email protected].