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Enterprise Apps 2011: Focus on Business Relevance

Asked to rank 10 developments that would most improve IT productivity, respondents’ top three choices are:

  • More support from top executives to implement new policies or procedures.
  • Better input from end users when gathering requirements.
  • Better guidance from business leaders on the most important processes, measures and metrics.

There’s a common thread here: What IT organizations want most is more engagement and support from business leaders and colleagues. Bigger IT budgets and better training are farther down the priority list, according to the 314 business technology professionals who responded to our InformationWeek Analytics 2011 Enterprise Applications Survey.

This executive summary of charts gives tech marketers insight into what these IT decision makers say about: 

  • Top Criteria for Evaluating Enterprise Applications Providers
  • Primary SaaS Concerns
  • Most Strategic Vendors
  • Barriers to Success
  • Top Priorities in Business Process Improvement

If you're marketing enterprise applications, this report is a must-see.  Feel free to use the charts from this executive summary; just be sure to source and link back to this page!

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