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Enterprise communications technology is essential to businesses of all sizes. Use of the cloud for communications and collaboration services is ramping up quickly, and enterprises are starting to gravitate toward cloud-based suites rather than best-of-breed technology.

Informa Tech Enterprise Communications brands help enterprise IT professionals navigate the ever-changing world of communications and collaboration, make sense of rapidly changing technologies, and address all the myriad business and management challenges that crop up.

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2019 Career & Salary Survey Whitepaper

No Jitter

Insight for the Connected Enterprise

No Jitter provides daily commentary and analysis of the enterprise IP telephony, unified communications, and converged networking worlds. No Jitter strives to be the leading online community for the exchange, debate, and incubation of ideas and best practices regarding enterprise communications and collaboration. | Request Info

WorkSpace Connect

The Future Of The Modern Workplace

WorkSpace Connect is focused on enterprise HR, Facilities and IT leaders to discover the technologies and strategies needed to create highly collaborative, modern workspaces. Whether your business provides IT hardware/software, office environments or enterprise services, WorkSpace Connect puts your products and services in front of enterprise decision-makers. | Request Info

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