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Event Marketing Research: Add POP to Your Strategy

Add POP to Your Event Marketing!

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Industry events can go a long way toward helping you achieve your marketing goals—from branding to lead generation to building relationships. Through our survey of 403 business technology professionals, we found the key to event marketing success entails a blend of Pre-event, Onsite and Post-event (POP) marketing activities.

Our latest marketing research provides new insights as to:

  • Why business technology professionals attend trade shows and conferences
  • The types of content and speakers that resonate best at your booth
  • The reasons why IT pros choose to engage with sponsors after a trade show is over

Event Marketing Tips and Tricks

Our whitepaper gives you tips and insight on how you can improve your event marketing strategies—from the time you start planning your show agenda, through the live experience, and afterwards when you’re back in your office.
Let us help you uncover the best practices and pitfalls that you should observe to ensure maximum ROI on your marketing investments.

Our findings include:

  • More than 80% of the IT professionals surveyed said they’re more likely to visit your booth if they’ve heard about or connected with you before the event
  • Almost two-thirds of those surveyed indicated that the presence of subject matter experts would make them more likely to stop and visit your booth during a trade show

It’s important to note that POP marketing is important to all marketers, and not just those involved in event marketing. An integrated marketing mix is critical to the success of your overall strategy—it’s vital to seize every opportunity to start a relationship, generate goodwill and earn the trust of prospective buyers. Whether you’re in corporate, field or event marketing, working together will increase the effectiveness of your results across the board.

You can download the whitepaper here.

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