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Facebook Video Ads - Your Next Big Marketing Spend?

A recent survey by The Creative Group shows that 62% of advertising and marketing executives expect an increase in their company’s marketing spending with Facebook (infographic here). Now there’s news of the social network’s plan to sell TV-style ads that will appear in users’ news feeds, which may lead to even bigger advertising spends than anticipated.

Bloomberg reported that Facebook’s video ads will last 15 seconds and look a lot like short TV ads. At this point it is still unknown if the ads will be displayed full screen or in-line. Full-screen ads are more intrusive to users, but are guaranteed views for advertisers. Ads that play automatically within the news feed are more user-friendly, but may not be as attractive or powerful to advertisers.

According to reports, the commercials will appear in news feeds no more than three times a day, while others say Facebook will limit the number of ads to one for every 20 updates, or comprising about 5% of users’ news feeds.

Before B2B marketers and advertisers start developing ads, there is a key piece of information that will likely keep them from a $1 - $2.5 million per day spend.

Facebook's traditional ad platform allows businesses to target their audience based on geography, interests, age, gender, location, relationship status, education and more. Facebook's video ads, however, will only let advertisers target users based on their age and gender.

Even though video will provide a huge opportunity for brand awareness, and net businesses new prospects, gender and age filters are (likely) not specific enough for B2B marketers to validate the enormous ad spend.

It will be interesting to learn more in the coming months about the launch of video ads and see how businesses use them – and how users react to the intrusion.


Source: InformationWeek Software post on July 31, 2013.

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