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A Flurry of Resolutions for PR & Marketing Pros

Tis the season for reflecting on your triumphs and shortcomings of the year. As an overachieving communications pro, you’ll likely set your sights on unreasonable goals. You may vow to go to the gym three times a day and never eat another burger in the new year, but there are many professional goals that are much better suited for your good intentions—such as creating excellent content.

You may already have these on your radar, but with the start of 2014, think about refreshing your commitment to these strategies for creative, content-driven marketing and PR.

  1. Embrace the trend. Industry leaders project that “Content Marketing” will continue to be one of the most common buzzwords in 2014, but rightfully so. Content curation will not be enough.  According to Vocus’ Marketing in 2014 Guide, “You can’t simply curate content and expect to be as valuable as companies who provide it.”
  2. Master the art of storytelling. Place your product or service into the bigger picture. Captivate and entertain your audience. In the words of a Skype blogger, “stories hit us at a very primal and emotional level while technology has never been more advanced to help us engage and participate.” Social media helps people spread the stories that hit home and resonate with them.
  3. Go multimedia. Social media, blogs, press releases, email – everyone prefers a different method of communication, so provide choices so they can select how they want to interact. Get in the habit of integrating video and images whenever possible and distributing content via several channels.
  4. Write concisely. Be respectful of your audience’s time. Honing your writing skills will help you communicate your messaging more effectively on social media, where space is limited. As content in short snippets is now the norm, your readers will appreciate the brevity.
  5. Read the news. Not only should you always be prepared to make small talk with co-workers and clients about world and industry happenings, but news can help generate content ideas. Keeping an eye on current events will keep you ahead of the curve for timely blog or holiday-themed promotion. Breaking news can also overshadow your product announcements, so plan to be flexible with your promotions to maximize reach.

If you want to assess the success of your content marketing efforts, check out this guide for measuring its ROI. What else is will be important in the marketing and PR realm in 2014? Tell us about your professional resolutions. Happy New Year to all!

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