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Forrester: IT Spending To Rebound In 2010

According to a new report released by Forrester, the technology sector will see a recovery in 2010 as businesses and governments in the US and around the world begin spending again on information technology.

After declining 8.2 percent in 2009, Forrester is projecting that US IT spending will grow 6.6 percent in 2010 to $568 billion. Global IT spending, which dropped 8.9 percent last year, will rise 8.1 percent in 2010 to more than $1.6 trillion. Forrester predicts that software and computer hardware will see the greatest growth.

According to Andrew Bartels, Forrester Research vice president and principal analyst, we are entering a new six- to seven-year cycle of IT growth and innovation that rests on new foundation technologies such as service-oriented architecture, server and storage virtualization, cloud computing, and unified communications.