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The Gaps In Your Content Can Cost You Customer Loyalty

Why is internal collaboration among marketing and technical groups key to better content? 

Andrew Bredenkamp, Founder and CEO Acrolinx & James Matthewson, Distinguished Technical Marketer, Search IBM, and Author of Outside-In Marketing explain during the annual Intelligent Content Conference.

In customer experience, consistency is keyDid you know that 25% of customers will go to a competitor after just one bad experience with your company? On the flipside, companies that excel at customer experience grow in revenue 4-8% above the market. Needless to say, it is essential to provide a good customer experience!

One of the ways we develop relationships with consumers is by offering different pieces of content. But if there’s inconsistency in our content - potential gaps of information in the purchase process– you’re no longer telling your story correctly.

Companies realize more and more that they need to get better at three things:

  1. Delivering an outstanding user experience
  2. Telling a great brand story (how are you going to tell a story that your customers emotionally connect with, instead of just focusing on clicks or conversion rates?)
  3. Offering the best customer experience

What powers ALL three experiences? Content. The best brands build on great stories that help customers feel affinity for your brand. Therefore, a consistent brand voice through content is key.

Goals – guidance – governance
First of all, there needs to be a strategic approach as to why your business needs to have content and how the content is going to be managed, optimized, and distributed for each audience. So think about your content goals - how will you set them, how will you achieve them? Another important thing is to ensure that your business provides evergreen content instead of just short-term content for a specific campaign.

As a brand you need to be able to guide your content creators on the goals of your content and what it is that you need to achieve. Think about what kind of guidance you provide your content creators, where they can find that guidance, how you will train them on that, and how you will enforce it. Your branding guidelines need to  safeguard the quality and consistency of your content. Think about how possible quality issues are identified, how they are being addressed and fixed, and what other kind of insights you will track.

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