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Get More From Your Tech Content: Manage It as a Business Asset

2017_ICC_CMI_StrategySurvey_Cover-307x230The inaugural 2017 Content Management & Strategy Survey focuses exclusively on how content marketers strategically manage their organizations’ content.

To see Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) analysis and download the full report visit:

The CMI Research team surveyed 411 marketers from the CMI audience to learn how they manage content within their organizations.

Key highlights from the report:

Most marketers say their organization values content as an asset—but it isn’t treated as such.

  • 92% of content marketers say their organization views content as a business asset (i.e., an asset or process where there is direct investment and a goal of increasing value over time).
  • Yet fewer than half (46%) have a documented strategy for managing content as a business asset.

Many of the structures needed to manage content as an asset are not in place.

  • For example, 70% of respondents have style and brand guidelines in place but only 29% of respondents have established a message architecture/messaging framework.

Many marketers feel the need for education on better use of technology

  • The top-tier educational needs of marketers in regards to managing content are: how to better use technology to manage content (66%); and how to build a scalable content strategy (64%).

One of the best takeaways from the report is that repeatable processes are essential so you’re not spending time figuring out how to do the work and have time to do the work. Systems also help eliminate the intensive time needed to recraft every piece of content by hand. If you have the right processes, you are one step closer to creating better content, faster.

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