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Get Those Email Open Rates Up: Here's How

Are some of your email campaigns not performing as well as you’d like? It’s time to refresh what you’re testing. Marketers can’t expect to increase an email’s CTR without increasing the open rate, so here are some ways to get contacts to open your emails and not just delete them.

Preview Text – if our contacts are using an iPhone, Gmail or Outlook, they’ll see preview text for emails. Try adding preview text (50 characters or less) to all emails that states what we’re offering. Ex. “Uncover high-quality IT contacts to fill your sales pipeline.”

Subject Lines – The number one spot for testing. HubSpot has some great suggestions:

If you haven’t already, try using questions and personalization on a couple of emails. Also, you should consider varying subject lines based on the audience segment beyond a simple A/B test. One group may respond to subject line questions, another may like to see brand names featured, it’s important to continue to test types of subject lines in your campaign even if something worked last quarter or last year, it may not perform the same.

Clickable elements above the fold – Marketers should make it as easy as possible for the audience to get to our landing page, asset, or contact page. Can you make your email header clickable? Is there an image? Or a bolded section of text? Make sure you review where your audience is clicking. You may find that the second section of an email doesn’t get any response, or big images perform best, or maybe green CTA buttons work better than purple.

Alt text for images (especially the header) – some email clients block images based on the company’s security settings. Assuming your images will be clickable, the alt text should be a CTA like “Click here to find out how to uncover leads to fill your sales pipeline.”

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