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How Are IT Pros Using Mobile Devices For Work-Related Content?

Everyone is talking about mobile marketing, so we conducted a survey to find out exactly how our audience of business technology professionals are consuming content via mobile devices. The results give tech marketers a much clearer picture as to where and how to allocate their budget for mobile marketing.

mobile manDon't start moving all your dollars toward mobile marketing just yet; the study found that business technology pros overwhelmingly prefer PCs/Laptops for consuming work-related content. It's not to say that IT pros don't use mobile devices for work content at all; more than 70% say they are consuming more content on mobile devices than they were a year ago.  And only 10% say they do not read any work-related content via a mobile device at all.

That said, IT pros make it abundantly clear: PCs/Laptops are their preferred platform for all the content types we asked them about -- from articles and white papers, to blogs and infographics.

Our findings include:

  • Overall work-related content consumption habits
  • Preferred platform by content type
  • How they feel about registering for content via mobile devices
  • Mobile content consumption preferences

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