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How To: Make Event Sponsorships More Effective

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Right after the new year, I had the opportunity to sit down with a few of my UBM Tech colleagues to talk about the many industry events that we're producing this year, and how tech marketers can best leverage large-scale events to their best advantage. The team's range of expertise covers everything from event marketing and production to sales.

Our goal: To share with other event marketers the winning strategies and tactics that have worked for a countless number of UBM Tech’s event sponsors and exhibitors. 

Our experts discuss how to make the most of event investments – from choosing the best event for branding that will also provide real value to attendees, to maximizing the ROI of sponsorship before, during and after the event.

The biggest takeaway of this roundtable: Events are about the "complete experience." The connection that is formed with attendees pre-event often sets the tone for how they choose to engage during the show (if they choose to engage at all), and whether they want to maintain a relationship afterwards. The mission of a successful event marketer should be to enhance and extend this connection with attendees at the live event through content marketing programs or even additional focused events.

See what our event marketing experts have to say about how you can make your event sponsorship more effective and productive. Download our Q & A executive summary today.

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