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How Native Advertising Breaks Through

The proliferation of ad blocking technology has created a potential roadblock for online marketers.  Native advertising is a welcome alternative—and we at UBM can help.

Online banner advertising has clearly made a huge mark over the course of the last decade, and it continues to be a viable and important means of getting your marketing messages out to the world.  But the market forces at work have adjusted, in the form of ad blocking technology that can prevent a banner ad from ever reaching its intended audience.

 Native Advertising Levels The Field

That’s where native advertising enters the picture.  As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the native ad phenomenon has really gathered steam in the last year or so.  That’s because native advertising is embedded within the editorial context of a site, providing a high degree of contextual relevance, with a look and feel that engages readers.

If you haven’t actively begun to explore the strategy of using more native advertising in your online marketing mix, then the time has come to move more forcefully in that direction.  And that’s where we at UBM’s technology group can help, thanks to several of our native advertising programs that tackle the issue head on.

Partner Perspectives:  Going Native

We’ve been a leader for years in developing content marketing strategies that resonate within the framework of our widespread and trusted editorial communities.  Now you can take advantage of that breadth and depth through Partner Perspectives, a native advertising program designed to help you inject thought leadership, insight and brand awareness into a trusted online community that IT decision makers rely on.

Through Partner Perspectives, your content not only appears on our home page, but we also feature your articles and video blogs on a dedicated landing page that provides you with a host of additional opportunities to showcase your content and subject matter experts. An integrated promotional program across our sites provides your content with significant exposure to our audience. And, a dedicated senior content expert will also help you optimize your program through content launch strategy, and quarterly meetings to review reporting and give recommendations on program content. Our content marketing services team can also help you craft content if you don’t have writers on your staff to do so.

Based on your target audience and marketing objectives, your Partner Perspectives program can run on InformationWeek, Dark Reading or Network Computing.

Native Content Distribution Ad Units:  Looking Good

There’s more. We’ve talked before about how important it is for native advertising to have the same look and feel as the platform on which it’s hosted.  And that’s where UBM’s Native Content Distribution program can help.

We work to assimilate your content into our IT Media Suite site design.  Whether it’s a white paper, a video or a product announcement, this ensures that your native ad has a cohesive look and feel when integrated into our trusted editorial.

Your native ads run on our homepage and at the end of editorial articles, where they’re strategically placed to reach engaged users in a turnkey, highly targeted manner.

If you’re thinking about kicking off a new native ad campaign, take a look at UBM technology group’s Partner Perspectives and Native Content Distribution programs.  We can help.

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