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How To: Optimize Your Tech Event Sponsorships

Q&A with UBM Tech Event Experts

Every year, UBM Tech produces more than 15 large-scale industry events around the world— including Interop, Black Hat, GDC, and HDI— where technology professionals can gather to learn and exchange ideas. These events set the stage for our clients to promote their brands’ products and services, build relationships with new customers, and pave the way to increased business opportunities. In keeping with our presence as a leading event producer, UBM Tech is constantly refining the best practices we, and our clients, implement to extract the maximum value from event marketing.

In this paper we share with you a conversation with three of our event experts; Ally Thorndike, Director of Marketing for Interop; Chris Lotspeich, Director of Marketing for Enterprise Connect and GTEC; and Holly Shellner, Director of Marketing for HDI. They provide their latest insights on how to engage your target audience as an event sponsor.

How_To_Optimize_You_Tech_Event_SponsorshipDownload the Q&A to gain insights on how to:

  • Evaluate the events that best fit your brand
  • Promote your presence before an event (sample 6 month timeline and pre-event checklist inside)
  • Leverage post-event activities to make sure your investment is delivering value

How To: Optimize Your Tech Event Sponsorships

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