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How To Reach Developers: Email Newsletters

Busy developers don’t always have the luxury of time to pull information like algorithm descriptions, language implementations, or software development news from multiple online sources. Instead, they opt for email newsletters to push information to their email inbox.  According to results from Evan’s Data Developer Marketing 2013 survey, a little more than 95% of developers subscribe to a newsletter with nearly 78% of them subscribing to more than three!

devsAs a developer marketer, it’s important to understand what topics are important to programmers.  While software development news and information on emerging technologies top the list, free software (47%) and product information (39.2%) are among the top 5 topics that developers click on. To maximize reach, marketers should consider a combination of newsletter sponsorships and their own newsletter publication.

Dr. Dobb’s reaches 140,000 software and application developers every week with its Dr. Dobb’s Update newsletter.

Find out how often developers take action as a result of an email newsletter and other preferred methods of outreach by downloading Evan’s Data – Developer Marketing 2013 report.

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