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How Social Are Telecom Professionals?

In a world where “find me on LinkedIn” or “follow me on Twitter” has become as common as “nice to meet you,” it’s undeniable that social networking is redefining human interaction. Whether that’s a good thing, both personally and professionally, is less clear. But it’s one of the reasons we’ve conducted our second annual social media survey. This year, we surveyed 910 telecom professionals, including 234 service providers, to see how their social networking habits are evolving. 

We learned a lot from our survey respondents in terms of their habits and perceptions about social networking, but one major takeaway was that social media is not a passing trend. While some sites may come and go, the practice of social networking is here to stay — and it’s important to telecom professionals from a strategic, professional perspective.

Download this new report, written by Sarah Reedy, Senior Report, Light Reading, to read more on social media perceptions and usage from telecom professionals.

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