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How Valuable is Your Content?

The good news is that 86% of IT professionals deem vendor content valuable when it comes to helping them do their jobs. The bad news is almost half think vendor content is often too biased. Avoid the pitfalls of IT pros turning their noses up at your content. Our new 2015 “Content Connects” research provides insight into the content consumption habits of technology decision makers, and provides best practices to help you enrich your content marketing strategy.

When asked for the most important types of information, technology news and analysis, technical information, peer insight, how to’s and industry research topped the list for IT decision makers. The takeaway? Provide technical, how-to information and wrap peer insight and research around it.


IT pros want the content you’re serving up to be fresh: being current or timely was the most important criteria your content must meet for IT pros to consider it worthy of a read. In fact, almost 40% said they would only consider content that is less than one year old. The clear action for tech marketers here is to refresh and repurpose their content annually. Lack of resources is an issue for every marketing team, so keep in mind that you don’t have to create every asset from scratch – dust off an older asset by adding updated research, executive quotes or user test cases. Or recycle existing content into another format – turn research findings into an eye-catching infographic, or turn the content of a webinar into a video vignette or slideshow.


The top content formats that IT professionals use to get information are webinars or virtual events, online articles, technology websites, and email newsletters – all selected by two-thirds or more of IT respondents. More than half use video, face-to-face events like trade shows, white papers, vendor websites and research reports to get information for their job. No matter the format, it’s important to keep the length in check – for instance, optimal length is about 30 minutes for a webinar, 6 pages for a white paper, and less than 5 minutes for a video.

There’s a lot more data in our Content Connects research that can help you boost your content marketing library. Be sure to check out the webinar featuring UBM Tech’s VP of Content Marketing Stephanie Stahl and Research Director Amy Doherty.  To request a full copy of the report, contact me.

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