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InformationWeek Education Launches To Serve The Higher Education Technology Market

UBM Tech announces the launch of InformationWeek Education, a new website and quarterly digital magazine for technology executives and administrators at colleges and universities. InformationWeek Education provides news, analysis and expert commentary on the technology issues reshaping higher education.

The education technology industry continues to grow, with venture capitalists investing more than $400 million in 82 education-technology deals last year. And with higher education costs and student/parent debt continuing to increase, colleges and universities are focusing on offering technology products and services that will help them deliver more value for the money.

InformationWeek Education is dedicated to supplying the latest technology information and expertise that higher education IT professionals need to help improve teaching, learning and administration. InformationWeek Education content will concentrate on the complex issues that are specific to the higher education field, ranging from the latest digital learning and course management systems to mobility, cloud computing, analytics, enterprise applications, security, privacy, networking and much more. CIOs, academics, and administrators at colleges and universities will contribute content about their experiences and challenges with technology.

“The education industry shares many of the same challenges and opportunities as enterprises in other industries. They both must adapt to changing customer expectations and the emergence of competitive alternatives,” said Rob Preston, InformationWeek Editor In Chief. “Resources are particularly tight in higher education, but the need to attract customers and keep costs down is as critical as anywhere.”

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