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InformationWeek Global CIO Chat - Cloud Computing

A recent InformationWeek Analytics report shows that more than 50 percent of IT respondents are either currently using or considering cloud computing – a clear indicator of corporate embracing of the cloud for the enterprise.  Bob Evans discusses the market’s hottest technology trend with Rob Preston and John Foley.

Hear about:

  • Anatomy of the Cloud: Of the million different definitions of cloud computing, which does InformationWeek use and why.  What are the key technologies behind the cloud – and what are the other must-have pieces other than the cloud service itself? What's does the cloud ecosystem look like?
  • Cloud players: Who's doing what and why?
  • Cloud strategies: What are the different approaches, and which are gaining momentum and which are dropping out?
  • Cloud successes: Which vendors are doing it right and how are they engaging IT buyers in the process? Which CIOs and user companies are implementing cloud successfully?

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