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InformationWeek Healthcare’s 2012 CIO 25

What makes a healthcare IT executive stand out from the crowd?  Even a quick scan of the CIOs and CMIOs profiled in InformationWeek’s second annual CIO 25 honor roll will make the distinction clear.

The common thread among them is their passion and dedication to improving patient care. Take Drexel DeFord, senior VP and CIO of Seattle Children's Hospital and chair of the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives. One of the driving forces behind his work was the death of a patient as a result of medical errors. The subsequent investigation after that tragedy revealed clinicians' pervasive frustration with slow computer login times and eventually led to profound changes in Seattle Children's IT infrastructure.

Likewise, there's no doubt that Dr. Peter Greene’s work in creating smarter CPOE order sets and clinical alerts as Johns Hopkins' CMIO was driven by his mindset as a clinician and experience working with patients as a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Download this annual compilation of the IT executives driving healthcare’s transformation and find out what strategies and solutions these exceptional doers and thinkers – your best targets – are focused on.

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