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InformationWeek Launches Enterprise Efficiency

InformationWeek Launches Enterprise Efficiency, A Unique Business Technology Community

San Francisco :: March 1, 2010

 UBM TechWeb’s InformationWeek announced today Enterprise Efficiency (, bringing together a participative community of business technology leaders and executive decision makers to exchange and share peer guidance, enterprise strategies, real-world best practices, and perspective on the most pressing business technology issues and opportunities.

With business technology leaders under immense pressure to juggle conflicting roles as both innovators and cost cutters, this new site, part of the InformationWeek Business Technology Network, organizes together business and technology thought leaders into a cutting-edge, peer community. The site enables forward–thinking leaders and their enterprises to operate as efficiently as possible, focusing less on day-to-day “keeping the lights on” and more on freeing resources for business-critical innovation.

"Enterprise Efficiency is immensely exciting, because it offers a unique opportunity for CIOs and other business technology leaders to come together in a vibrant, free-flowing community specifically designed to meet their needs," said Fredric Paul, the site's editor in chief and community activist. "Whether it's debating the implications of a new development in the technology industry, discussing how to make IT really matter in the enterprise, or pondering the best way to deal with upper management, Enterprise Efficiency is the place to go for insight, analysis, and support from both peers and experts."

By combining multiple daily blog posts with an innovative, purpose-driven community, Enterprise Efficiency is designed to foster the sort of ongoing debates that are truly valuable to today’s business technology decision makers. These discussions center on the disruptive technologies and trends that most challenge today's leaders, including:

  1. Cloud Computing: Myths, Realities & Metrics The Business Value of Tomorrow’s Data Center
  2. The Mobile Enterprise: Devices, Apps & Services
  3. Corporate IT Politics: Making Them Dance in Your Favor
  4. The Secure Enterprise: Frameworks That Enable Agile Access Managing TCO While Driving Innovation
  5. Virtualization: The Mandatory Ingredient GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) in Practice
  6. Outsourcing: End-to-End Collaboration
  7. Automation: The Future of IT Management

Enterprise Efficiency has carefully selected its impressive community of expert bloggers, including CIOs, CEOs, analysts, consultants, journalists, and other leaders with a wide range of IT backgrounds and areas of expertise. This uniquely qualified group is using Enterprise Efficiency to share ideas, insights, observations, and best practices, as well as the support they need to cope with these historic challenges. And they're doing it with unparalleled verve, a provocative style, and take-no-prisoners honesty and directness.

More than 20 bloggers are already on board, including:

  • Matthew McKenzie, Senior Editor / Community Editor of Enterprise Efficiency
  • Rusty Weston, former editor in chief of and InformationWeek Research
  • Keith Ferrell, security blogger and lecturer, former editor of Omni Magazine
  • Chris Lindquist, online editorial director for a nonprofit consulting organization, former senior technology journalist for CIO magazine, and others
  • Ivan Schneider, MBA, journalist specializing in financial technology
  • Paul Bonner, IT professional at a major utility, and formerly senior technology journalist at PC Week and PC/Computing
  • Steve Hilton, head of Enterprise/SMB research for Analysis Mason
  • Peter Meade, partner at HetzelMeade Communications
  • Alan Hoving, Social media expert, online community leader, tech entrepreneur
  • Leigh McMullen, VP at IT consultants Sogeti USA
  • James Shepard, CEO of Vertrazzo LLC and a former software executive
  • Patty Brown, founder and chief strategist at The Content Strategy Group, former executive editor of Optimize Magazine with experience at Bearing Point Rex Baldazo, IT professional and former technology journalist at CNET, ETL expert
  • Zach O'Claire, lead field engineer, IS Works

Enterprise Efficiency's user-generated content will be reinforced with a regular calendar of deep-dive analyst reports written in conjunction with InformationWeek Analytics, plus a series of informative Webcasts, video reports, and more. To visit the site, go to

To register for the site, and score a free Enterprise Efficiency money clip, go to

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