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InformationWeek's Top IT Trends for 2018

Dec_Trend_Report_Cover_ImageAs IT professionals enter a new year of technology planning, find out about the hot technologies their organizations are using to advance their businesses and where the experts say IT is heading. Check out this InformationWeek Trend Report as we explore the hot trends for 2018.

In this issue you will:

Learn how to identify the major trends that will affect IT environments in the coming year in "What Forecasts Mean for Your IT Organization." InformationWeek analyzes industry spending patterns can help identify broad trends that will affect your IT environment.

Find out where IT organizations will be focusing their infrastructure investments in 2018 in "8 Infrastructure Trends Ahead for 2018." As sexy as software sounds, infrastructure is still important. Find out where IT organizations will be focusing their efforts when it comes to networking, storage, and data centers for the coming year.



Look beyond doubts and fears of public cloud to develop a cloud strategy in "Facing the Hybrid Cloud Reality." Public cloud has its pros and cons, but enterprises today can’t afford to be anti-cloud.

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