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Integrating Your Pre-Event, Onsite and Post-Event Strategy for Optimal Results

UBM Tech’s new research study of event attendees reveals that technology marketers need to consider a cohesive paid, owned and earned media strategy to maximize the effectiveness of industry event marketing efforts. The new report, “The Tech Buyer’s Perspective – From the Office to Events and Back: How Tech Marketers Can Engage for Success," surveyed 820 technology professionals who attend industry events such as conferences and expos, to uncover attendees’ pre-event, on-site and post-event preferences, actions, content consumption habits, and more.

expo“Our research reveals that technology marketers must have an integrated pre-event, on-site and post-event strategy in place to enhance the results of their event investment,” said Paul Miller, CEO of UBM Tech. “Technology decision makers attend events to uncover new products and solutions that address their specific business challenges. Exhibitors’ success rate for a live, face-to-face connection with prospects during an industry event increases considerably if those attendees had exposure to the exhibitors’ brand and solutions beforehand. The goal is to leverage communities that technology decision makers already engage with when exchanging relevant content and messages.”

Key highlights of the “The Tech Buyer’s Perspective – From the Office to Events and Back: How Tech Marketers Can Engage for Success,” research study include:

  • Pre-event strategy matters. Fifty-nine percent of technology professionals research exhibitors prior to an event, and 62% are more likely to visit a vendor’s booth if they have communicated with them in advance of the show.
  • On-site best practices. Seventy-five percent want to see technology demonstrations, 68% are interested in technology "how to" materials. Eighty-one percent would attend a smaller vendor-hosted breakout session at an industry event.
  • Post-event relationship building. Seventy-two percent of technology professionals would continue to engage with technology vendors if they demonstrated how their solution could help their business. In addition, 52% of professionals would be interested in a follow-up email with additional research or information from exhibitors.

 The UBM Tech survey was conducted in March 2014.

To schedule an appointment with a UBM Tech sales representative to see the complete “The Tech Buyer’s Perspective – From the Office to Events and Back: How Tech Marketers Can Engage for Success,research report, or for more information, contact me at [email protected].

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