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Interop ITX: The Independent Conference for Tech Leaders to Debut May 2017

Interop's new General Manager, Meghan Reilly, and Review Board building enhanced Conference program - call for speakers now open

Interop ITX, the next generation of the Interop brand, today announces its debut set for May 15-19, 2017. Building on Interop's 30 years of dedication to providing an objective perspective for the technology community, Interop ITX is the independent conference for innovative tech leaders. Interop ITX's new Conference-first model will facilitate a trusted environment for IT decision makers to learn, collaborate and uncover new strategies and solutions they need to lead their teams and businesses through constant change and disruption.

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The IT market is undergoing a fundamental shift. The market continues to grow, with CompTIA forecasting the industry to reach a total of $3.8 trillion in 2016. While opportunity lingers, employers are finding it difficult to fill positions. The industry is experiencing a rise in digital business, open source technologies, and service based IT, as well as the transition to software-driven IT as a result of hardware becoming increasingly commoditized. The combination of these factors makes it difficult for technology professionals, organizations and vendors to adapt and change. Now more than ever, technology leaders and IT professionals are in desperate need of education.

With all these market factors in mind, Interop has made strategic changes to its annual Conference. In an industry where change outpaces many others, the next phase of technology education is Interop ITX – a Conference that anticipates the X factor: anyone or anything that can impact your business, your customers, or your market. The Conference incorporates more than a new name, launching a new education program around the six core areas of Full Stack IT.

Full Stack IT
Interop ITX 2017 will be built around Full Stack IT education and a Conference-first initiative. This offers both breadth and depth of content to a broad IT audience across 6 core areas, and allows attendees to customize their content experience at Interop ITX based on their current and future tech priorities across the stack.

  • Infrastructure: The architecture that makes everything in IT work is undergoing dramatic changes. Interop ITX will help technology leaders stay up to date on emerging technologies in networking and operations while leveraging their existing systems.
  • Security: Information security and risk management are top of mind for every organization. This track will help attendees learn more about potential threats and how they can mitigate them.
  • Cloud: The rise of cloud computing has made virtually any IT service available from external sources. Tech leaders will learn to select and leverage the cloud resources that make sense for their businesses and manage them in a holistic approach.
  • Data Management: Today data is produced in record amounts by a record number of users, devices and applications, and data sources are growing by the minute. This topic will explore how to connect and build support systems that can capture data from disparate locations, aggregate, correlate, and deliver insights in real time.
  • DevOps: The trend toward DevOps brings application development and infrastructure operations together to increase efficiency and deploy applications more quickly. These sessions will help educate operations pros about development and developers about infrastructure to make the transition smoother.
  • Leadership & Professional Development: A career in technology demands technical expertise along with the ability to adapt, collaborate, and inspire coworkers. Managers will learn to work hand in hand with business and build the teams they need to adjust to changing requirements. They'll also be provided with guidance for navigating their own career development and personal success.

New Location
Interop ITX will move to a new home, the MGM Grand, which provides a more cohesive, convenient and efficient space for the entire event. The new venue will allow for more networking and engagement as well as give attendees an opportunity to enjoy new restaurants, bars and lounges.

Interop General Manager & Review Board
Interop ITX will be led by Interop's new General Manager, Meghan Reilly. Reilly comes from Code for America where she served as Chief Adminstrative Officer, helped launch the organization and led their annual event. She is making a return to UBM, having previously served as Associate General Manager for the Web 2.0 and Gov 2.0 events, a series of high-growth, widely respected conferences. Reilly's extensive experience in organizing and growing community-oriented events positions her as an excellent leader for Interop ITX and its new direction.

The new Interop Review Board is responsible for constructing a Conference that is relevant and timely, with a mixture of hands-on, panel and lecture sessions centered around the event's six core themes. The Review Board is a true reflection of the IT community - with seasoned speakers, attendees and the InformationWeek editorial team as members. Interop is building a valuable Conference program through its trusted community of professionals.

Call for Proposals Now Open
Interop ITX is now accepting speaking proposals across the Full Stack IT themes for Conference sessions, hands-on sessions and Workshops. Submissions will be accepted through October 31. To learn more and to submit, please visit:

About Interop ITX
Interop ITX is the industry's most trusted independent Conference focused on Full Stack IT education for technology professionals. The event continues the 30 years Interop has dedicated to providing IT decision makers with a trusted environment to learn, collaborate and uncover new strategies and solutions they need to lead their teams and their businesses through constant change and disruption. Employed by a Conference-first model, Interop ITX offers both breadth and depth of content to a broad IT audience across core areas: Infrastructure, Security, Cloud, Data Management, DevOps, and Leadership & Professional Development. For more information, visit Interop ITX is organized by UBM Americas, a part of UBM plc (UBM.L), an Events First marketing and communications services business. For more information, visit

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