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IoT World to Increase Intelligent Connections Everywhere

New online community sponsored by Freescale® brings together the Internet of Things ecosystem, from device developer to network and cloud services, for news, product information, learning and training

NEW YORK, Sept. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- UBM Tech, the daily source of essential business and technical information for the electronics industry's decision makers, and UBM DeusM, the integrated marketing services arm of UBM, today launched IoT World, a new online community sponsored by Freescale Semiconductor and devoted to the coming wave of intelligent connected devices. The website will consist of blogs, message boards, live chats, videos, whitepapers and other educational resources to help readers track the evolving technologies, standards and market dynamics of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is what many experts in the field of IT and engineering believe is the fourth industrial revolution. The community will be supplemented by a presence on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

IoT World provides an open platform for sharing, learning, exchanging insights and guiding the evolution of IoT-related technology. It's a site where IoT developers and strategic decision makers can discuss design, standards, markets and applications for the IoT. With industry-leading products in categories including microcontrollers, processors, analog, sensors, power, RF and software, Freescale is uniquely poised to bridge the many technologies and disciplines needed to weave the web of intelligent devices into solutions for commerce, industry, and lifestyle, and will further expand its support of these areas through this community.

"The IoT presents huge opportunities for the engineering community and the industry, with endless possibilities for problem-solving and innovation," said Geoff Lees, senior VP and general manager of Freescale's MCU business. "Freescale is proud to sponsor IoT World – an exciting destination for anyone involved in the field, allowing engineers and decision makers to get together and share their viewpoints, experience and knowledge."

"Freescale is the ideal partner for this compelling new community," added Paul Miller, CEO of UBM Tech. "With products and experience relating to microcontrollers, embedded processors, sensors, power management, RF, analog and software, Freescale's portfolio closely reflects the embedded requirements of the IoT, making them the subject matter experts for the IoT era."

Longtime technology journalist and former embedded systems designer Rich Quinnell has been named editor in chief of the new IoT World online community. Quinnell was most recently the editor in chief of the community site Microcontroller Central, winner of multiple marketing awards including a Gold Stevie and min's Integrated Marketing Award for best custom website. With more than 25 years of journalistic experience, Quinnell has held editorial positions at EDN, Electronic Design, and Computer Design magazines.

"The emerging Internet of Things promises to be a mechanism for profound change in everything from our home lives to national and international infrastructures," said Quinnell. "IoT World will be the go-to community for anyone – engineer to executive – working on IoT development. They will be able to share insights and information, keep abreast of changes in technology, market and regulatory environments, and find educational resources to help them solve problems and guide the evolution of this application space."

IoT World is powered by UBM DeusM and UBM Tech. UBM DeusM specializes in building and operating highly engaged communities of qualified users within specialist B2B markets using a strategy of best-practices focused on content and technology.

For the full press release for the launch, click here.

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