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Jumpstarting Great IT Communities In 3 (Not So Easy) Steps

The nature of marketing, and especially technology marketing, has changed. Enterprise IT buyers expect vendors to be ready and willing to engage in a two-way conversation about the issues that matter to them. It’s no longer enough to do outbound marketing, no matter how much good, high-quality information you provide. Tech vendors must provide a forum for their customers and prospects to ask questions and connect with other users of the technology.

Find out how to:
1. Focus The Community
2. Create Compelling Editorial Content
3. Design In Engagement

A great way to enable this kind of two-way conversation is through custom, editorially-driven community sites. That said, creating and maintaining vibrant online communities is not easy.  In this white paper, Steve Saunders, the architect of many successful community sites, shares best practices for creating and nurturing vibrant online communities for enterprise technology professionals.

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About Stephen Saunders

Stephen Saunders is a successful Internet entrepreneur, award-winning technology writer and videographer, and the founder of UBM’s DeusM. DeusM is Saunders' third startup. In 2005 he founded Internet Evolution (, a groundbreaking, award-winning, global online community dedicated to investigating the future of the Internet.

Prior to Internet Evolution, Saunders was the founder and CEO of Light Reading (, an online startup, which was sold to United Business Media in 2005 for $33 million. Founded in 2000, Light Reading rapidly became the largest and most influential source of news and analysis of the telecommunications industry.

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