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The Key to Effective Content Marketing: It’s All About Commitment

To be a successful content marketer, you must be all in or get out. There’s no halfway, says Joe Pulizzi, speaking last week at Content Marketing World 2016.

With content marketing, you’re better off doing nothing than not being fully committed. That advice came from Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, in his keynote talk at CMI’s annual Content Marketing World conference last week in Cleveland.

“Be all in or get all out. There’s no halfway,” is Pulizzi’s thinking. That’s an important message, since “mediocre content will hurt your brand more than doing nothing at all,” he added.

14206178_1240441019320191_602733827478431067_o Photo Credit: Content Marketing World

Pulizzi’s focus on commitment is tied to his own experience with his Junta42 business venture, which helped businesses find content marketers but ran out of money in 2009 after two-and-a-half years of operation. It’s also tied to a key statistic that emerged from CMI’s latest annual survey on content marketing: 20% of global marketers said they were fully committed to content marketing.

And those 20% are also the most successful content marketers, Pulizzi said. They’re able to measure ROI, build a loyal audience, and tell a different story.

However, that stat also means that 80% of those surveyed are only somewhat committed to content marketing, Pulizzi noted. “There are a lot of people living in content purgatory,” he said, and “this purgatory is killing us.”

These somewhat-committed folks are creating a lot of marketing collateral, targeting multiple audiences with no consistency in a way that’s more about promotion than value, he said. They aren’t building a loyal audience, and they aren’t able to tell a different story, he added.

The 20%, on the other hand, are doing content marketing right:

  • Targeting one audience with one message
  • Telling a different story
  • Keeping that story consistent over time
  • Building value outside the products and services they’re offering

These four steps, Pulizzi noted, are key to being fully committed to a successful content marketing strategy and being an effective content marketer.

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