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Launching Mid-October | EE Times’ PCB Designline & EDN’s PCB Design Center

The world of printed circuit board layout is changing rapidly, from increasing signal speeds and smaller, lighter flex circuits; to newer materials and standards; to collaborative, cloud-based design tools to enable design teams do more. The humble PC board, along with its layout and manufacture, has become as tightly coupled to a successful system design as it has to the choice of components, software, topology, and user interface.

Both of these new design areas are devoted to helping all players involved to  track, understand, discuss, and respond appropriately to the constantly evolving matrices of change that affect their ideas, designs, and overall business success.

The EDN PCB Design Center will be a dedicated community built within a design environment founded upon the principles of knowledge sharing, mentoring, and collaboration.

Led by EDN’s Senior Editor, Janine Love, the PCB Design Center will provide everything from in-depth technical and how-to features to product reviews, and videos, as well as regular blogs, all from the PC board community itself, from designers to manufacturing engineers and CAD architects, all with real-world experience.

The EE Times PCB DesignLine will be a focused area within the EE Times community dedicated to helping designers, managers, and business decision makers get their minds around the latest board and system developments, trends and standards, and business implications therein.

Led by Senior Editor Max Maxfield, the PCB DesignLine will provide a rapid-interaction platform for timely blogs and contributions of topical interest, all from the PC board community itself, from designers and managers to CEOs and business leaders, all with some "skin in the game."

Sponsor Packages Available November 1, 2013

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, contact Jim Dempsey at [email protected] or 440.333.3040.

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