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Leveraging the Windows 7 Launch

More than 75% of IT execs surveyed by Goldman Sachs say they intend to upgrade their companies to Windows 7, which is an almost four-fold increase over the dismal 20% penetration Microsoft achieved for Vista. Clearly, CIOs are confident – even in the current challenging economic environment – that Windows 7 will deliver great business value to their companies.

Those CIOs are also looking ahead to an eventual turnaround in the global economy and want to ensure their companies have the tools and capabilities at hand to take full advantage

when the upturn arrives – they do not want to have to compete in the global market of 2010 with vintage 2007 weapons.

For IT marketers, these factors underscore the significant opportunity for a wide range of IT companies whose products and services can help optimize and/or leverage the impact and potential of Windows 7. Because make no doubt about it, Microsoft will be pulling out all the promotional stops for the Windows 7 release for a number of reasons: first, to capture some revenue momentum after some recent poor quarterly results; second, to blunt the incursions Google and others are making into its core OS businesses; and third, because the entire Windows franchise – which was damaged by the Vista stumble – provided Microsoft with more than $10 billion in operating profit for the fiscal year ended June 30, and Microsoft wants to ensure that that extraordinary source of profit is reinforced.

And to help IT marketers whose products and services fall are within the vast IT ecosystem to which Win 7 will be integrally connected, InformationWeek and Global CIO are bringing together our top experts on Windows 7 (Alex Wolfe) and IT and CIO strategy (Bob Evans) to share their insights, analyses, and predictions about the impact and consequent opportunities that the Oct. 22 Win 7 intro will create.

Please join us for a rapid-fire and highly informative phone chat, the latest in Global CIO's Monthly Chats with the marketing community charged with reaching the highest-level IT decision-makers in the business world today. We'll share our insights on what Win 7's impact will be, what related fields it will affect, where the biggest adjacent opportunities lie, and which messages will resonate most clearly with CIOs and their supporting teams as they evaluate adoption strategies for Win 7 and a huge array of related products and services.

Please join us on August 6th at 1pm edt.

Bob Evans, SVP and Director, Global CIO
Alex Wolfe, Editor-in-Chief,