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Live Event Research

Part of the Tech Marketing::Best Practices Research Series

Using Face to Face Events To Build Deep Relationships With Business Technology Buyers

TechWeb's newest tech marketing research focuses on the value of face to face events. 

TechMarketing_bpBusiness technology buyers said their top three reasons for attending events centered on networking, efficient use of time, and good way to learn about vendors’ offerings.

  • 73% of professional IT buyers have attended a live event in the past 12 months for their job – be it a large scale tradeshow, conference or smaller executive roundtable.
  • Those who have not attended cited budgetary constraints as the main reason holding them back

The value respondents felt events held was very similar for all types of events.   The top mentions, which make up the top three for all event types were:

  • Network with peers
  • Learn about new technologies/products/services
  • Hear interesting and relevant keynote speakers
  • Learn about multiple vendors’ offerings and solutions
  • Obtain information for a technology purchase

Face to face events play a critical role in the research and buying process of business technology buyers.  Download the executive summary to find out where each type of event falls in the buying process, what is considered high value content and how to maximize the value of an event for the business technology attendee.

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