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Make Your Next Webinar ROCK

Why do time-strapped tech professionals give up a piece of their day to attend a webinar? The intention is that they’ll learn something new or change their point of view. Yet, so often webinars fall short of attendees’ expectations and they disconnect. How did this happen?

The root of the problem is likely why marketing teams put on webinars. Marketing goals are to extend their organization’s voice, enforce their brand, and (hopefully) provide thought leadership. That doesn’t seem to match up with the educational expectations of the audience. The result of this disconnect is a tarnished mark against the brand and a negative connotation for wasting valuable time.

To keep leads engaged and make your brand glitter like the Bob Mackie costumes that Cher used to wear, consider implementing these concepts:

  1. Use a Third Party Moderator. Third parties add credibility. They provide an additional point of view that is external to your organization. This unbiased opinion adds value to the discussion.  Depending on the moderator’s “Rock Star” quality their presence alone can help support a point of view.
  2. Focus on your Value. Webinar attendees are not interested in how cool you are or the features and functions of your solution. They are interested in what you can do for them.  Webinar content – all of it – should focus on benefits and solutions.
  3. Integrate More Than One Presenter. A change of tone, or voice, causes waning attentions to refocus. One voice is not better than the other; it’s simply the change that refocuses a drifting mind.
  4. Remember Mobile. More and more attendees are on mobile devices. Use mobile graphics best practices like flat images, limited transitions, and large quantities of white space when designing your presentation.
  5. Keep it Crisp. Your audience is busy, extremely busy, regardless of their role or size of the organization. A 30-minute webinar with focused content is far more impactful for the attendees – and ultimately for you – than a 45 or 60 minute webinar that restates the same points or includes the features and functions of your solution.
  6. Engage Your Audience. Gather information on attendee needs through polling questions. This helps multitasking attendee to pay attention to your message.  And better yet, it not only provides direction for specific conversation details of the webinar, it also provides insight for future conversations with the attendees.
  7. Extend the Conversation. After the webinar send a personalized note to each of the attendees with additional thought provoking information. Consider including a whitepaper or case study in the follow up email. Attendees have just given you a part of their day. Rewarding them with a special article or piece of content will help to move them further through your funnel.

Great webinars provide thought leadership and showcase business as a recognized industry authority.  They provide an amazing communication medium for engaging leads who are doing initial research as well as those who are already in your pipeline and need additional information.

Don’t waste your audience’s time by missing the communication mark. Instead, take the opportunity to add leads to the top of your funnel and escort others further along in their buying process by making your webinar ROCK.

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