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Marketing Tips When Security Buying Is A Team Sport

As the editor in chief of Dark Reading — one of the most widely read IT security news sites — I have an opportunity to receive email pitches from nearly every cyber-security vendor on the planet. Nearly every one of the emails makes it sound as if the sending vendor is the only vendor in its space.

That isn't the right approach for the majority of you.

Through all these pitches, I've been able to uncover some marketing best practices to help you move beyond the "only we do this" language. For many marketing teams out there, it’s time to try a new message. Download this white paper to learn my top three suggestions for pitching your solution to editors (and customers.)

securitybuyYou'll also find more insights from our "How the Security Buy Goes Down" and "Black Hat Attendee 2016" research, including:

  • How IT and security professionals work together throughout the security purchase process
  • Security professionals’ greatest concerns for their company’s top executives or management
  • Primary online resources for reliable security insights

This research can help you determine:

  • Who you need to reach. Are there IT professionals that you have overlooked? Or targeted at the wrong time?
  • The security concerns you need to speak to. Be smarter with your messaging approach
  • Where you should promote your products, solutions and thought leadership. Spoiler: 70% of security professionals visit IT or security news sites like Dark Reading as their source for reliable security information

Finally, my colleague, Susan Nunziata from InformationWeek, shares her insights for how to target your messaging for CIOs. Excerpt: "Most people in the C-suite would likely lapse into a coma if offered deep technical detail." Her tips can help you do more than get the CIO’s attention — it could win you a sale.

Download this white paper to gain all these security marketing insights, or email directly for the full "How the Security Buy Goes Down" research.


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