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Most Important Storage Technologies & Features

SUMMARY: In this week’s chart, from InformationWeek’s 2013 State of Storage Survey, we learn which storage technologies and features are most important to business technology professionals in 2013.

It’s worth noting that the top three features all relate to data protection (replication, encryption, snapshots) and then move down to reduction (deduplication, compression, thin provisioning). The priority of protective technologies and features has remained consistent since last year, however storage-based snapshots show an 11% jump this year.

The year-to-year consistency of this chart is valuable to compare what IT practitioners need and/or want with what the industry continues to sell and promote. The hottest topics in the storage business over a given year don't necessarily match with what IT decision makers are seeking and will therefore stay low on priority lists.

Q: Which of the following storage technologies and features do you consider very important when making storage purchase decisions?


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