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New Education Based Video Formats

At TechWeb TV, we’ve been experimenting with several new video formats. Not just because we can, but because we believe that every content type (text, photos, blogs, social media, audio/podcasts and video) should be maximized for it's express purpose, as well as integrated for a multi-media view of information.
We think we, and our viewers, can best leverage video that actually shows them something. After all, isn’t video about seeing something in action?

We’ve recently launched something we call ReviewCam, which is a way for us to do something akin to a technology or product review via demonstration combined with Q&A. We ask the tough questions and get the vendor to show us how the product actually works. Here are a couple of recent examples (the first one we “reviewed” ourselves; the second was done interview style).

Another way to demonstrate something (rather than just blather on, or create a couple of “talking heads”) is to do a whiteboard style tutorial. We’ve been doing a few series in the storage space (talking about solid state and Fibre Channel over Ethernet). Here’s an example of one of our latest.

Finally, we often find ourselves at various trade shows and we like to provide those who cannot attend an experience that lets them see what we’re seeing. Sometimes we even take the ReviewCam approach and do them live in front of an audience, and streamed live for our viewers (and available on demand). Here are some examples from our E2 conference and Interop.