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The New InformationWeek

Introducing the New InformationWeek Community

Today, we rolled out a new InformationWeek. Think of it as InformationWeek for the connected world we live in. Think of it as the media model of the future.

We're now living in the participatory age. Thanks to social apps, the ways we gather and share information have fundamentally changed. Everyone is now comfortable communicating in the one-to-many format. As a result, IT professionals want more than just great content; they want to be part of the industry conversation. They want perspective on what their peers think. They want to shape the nature of conversations taking place in their community.

Here at InformationWeek, we recognized the need to pioneer a whole new media approach that tunes into this connected world. In addition to expanding the award-winning news, InformationWeek Community analysis and commentary from our team of editors, we've enlisted more than 200 market experts and developed new content-sharing tools – all on a site optimized for engagement. InformationWeek is making it much easier for its community members — CIOs and other senior IT professionals — to digitally connect with one another around their most pressing technical, organizational and market issues. On the new, users will be able to share ideas freely, gather feedback and, ultimately, come away better equipped to make key business technology decisions.

Our mantra: more voices, more conversations, and more value to move business technology forward.

This fresh approach is significant to our tech marketer partners. is a trusted information source and professional community, where your prospects and buyers will gather for years to come. You'll get deep insights into the issues that tech professionals are grappling with and have the ability to engage directly in compelling market conversations. And through our new integrated programs, you'll have the unprecedented ability to market your company using the content you've worked so hard to create.

InformationWeek: leading the way forward as we've done time and time again. We look forward to hearing your feedback.


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