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New Interop ITX Research Finds 80% of Technology Professionals Have Already Implemented or Plan to Implement DevOps in the Next Year

DevOps Investments Projected to Increase in Next Two Years as Organizations Strive to Improve Customer Experience and Decrease IT Costs

Interop ITX, the independent conference for tech leaders, today released the next installment of its 2017 research rollout, 2017 State of DevOps. With DevOps on the rise, Interop ITX's new research report provides IT leaders with insight on how their peers are implementing DevOps concepts, their top priorities, and how success is being measured. Barriers and benefits are also explored based on recent survey responses from business technology decision makers.

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As software development and deployment becomes a major focus for businesses large and small, DevOps initiatives can help remove congestion in software release and deployment processes, increasing automation and reducing mistakes and system failures, all while allowing faster recovery from errors and outages. The practice of DevOps also assists development and IT operations staff to collaborate more effectively and share responsibilities of application definition, development, deployment and support.

With the added value that comes with DevOps, interest and adoption is continually increasing. To keep up with this growing trend, and to serve its community with new opportunities to improve workflow, Interop ITX surveyed 300 technology professionals specializing in applications development, deployment and management. The survey was intended to better understand why and how professionals are utilizing DevOps. Based on the data, the 2017 State of DevOps research report provides today's IT leaders with valuable insight into their peers' views on DevOps adoption, potential barriers, and benefits.

Adoption: Why embrace DevOps?

More than 50% of those surveyed indicated the need to improve quality and performance of applications as a driver for DevOps adoption. Additionally, respondents cited improving the customer experience, reducing complexity and decreasing overall IT costs as reasons for implementing DevOps practices.

Barriers: What roadblocks are organizations facing?

Among the top reasons keeping professionals from carrying out DevOps practices, 33% cited lack of demand from the business while many others noted a lack of expertise and resources. Respondents also named development and operations teams' unwillingness to cooperate as a barrier to adoption.

Benefits: What can DevOps do to help today's technology professionals?

While organizations are still determining all of the benefits associated with embracing DevOps, those who have already adopted it claim the practice reduces organizational costs and influences revenue increases. Additionally, 43% of respondents indicated operations staff had become involved in future product feature enhancements as a resut of adoption, while 41% said development had become more involved in application deployments. In addition, 25% reported corporate management structure had been changed to better align development and IT staff goals through DevOps practices.

"DevOps practices have certainly matured within the technology space, however today's organizations are still finding roadblocks when it comes to actual adoption. Our goal with this report is to share why those roadbloacks exist and to offer additional knowledge from DevOps early adopters," said Interop ITX general manager, Meghan Reilly. "We're thrilled to introduce DevOps as the next topic of our growing research portfolio."

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