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A New Look For Dark Reading

After almost seven years of delivering some of the best and most incisive cybersecurity news and information on the Web, Dark Reading now has a new look to match. We've streamlined the design, improved the navigation, and added a few features that we hope will make our news site more valuable to security professionals.  This new layout enables our full suite of rich-functionality, interactive online ad units, including book ends!

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The first thing you'll notice is that the red navigation bar at the top of the home page has been improved and consolidated. Click on any one of those tabs -- Advanced Threats, Cloud Security, Risk Management, etc. -- and you'll be brought to one of our Tech Centers, which are sponsorable subsites packed with breaking news, commentary, special reports, and data links to help visitors find the specific IT security information they need to do their job. Each of our Tech Centers provides a level of depth that you won't find elsewhere on the Web.

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The next thing you'll see is a news "carousel" leading off the page, providing a rotating display of our latest features, including our hottest news stories, short "Quick Hit" articles, and vendor product news. Visitors can control that display with a click of their mouse, grabbing any story they like or stopping the rotation of the displayed articles so that they see only the one feature they want.

Underneath the carousel, you'll find the same News Analysis section; click on any story you like, or click on the "News" tab at the top of the page, for a full display of all of our recent news stories. Click on "Quick Hits" (you might remember it as the Keyhole section on the old Dark Reading site), and you'll get a look at some shorter, quicker stories that will help security professionals keep up to date with the latest breach news and security research.

But, wait, there's more! Dark Reading's old "Blogs" section has been reworked and moved into the new "Commentary" section, which includes this daily blog, "Today from Dark Reading." This will make it easier than ever for visitors to find opinions and expert advice from some of the IT security industry's best-known and most respected personalities.

Security professionals in search of additional useful content can visit our updated Events, Products & Releases (formerly Newsfeed), and Best of the Web sections offering more accurate and current information than ever before. Each Dark Reading story now contains links to related material from our news archives. And the home page contains links to reports, white papers, Dark Reading digital issues, expert-written Tech Insight columns -- and even a Bugs report that is streamed directly from US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database.

If they’re looking for something more, visitors can try our simple "Search" box at the top right of the home page. If it's a topic that Dark Reading has written about in the past, then a list of all our stories will be displayed, with the most recent items at the top. Try looking up the word "firewall" -- you'll find dozens of current articles, commentaries, and product announcements, as well as a historical archive that shows the recent evolution of the technology.

There's so much more to look at and click on -- a single archive for Tech Insight, our regular feature written exclusively by security pros; full archives of slide shows and online video; a comment box showing some of the latest input from readers; and more. Click around -- you'll find some new areas on the site, as well as some well-established areas that you may never have noticed before.

Security professionals spend enough time digging through screens of data as they do their day job. Navigating their daily security news site should be a lot easier. With this new look, we believe that we've found a way to give them more information than ever before -- while making it easier and faster for them to find what they’re looking for.

In the future, the new design will also provide the platform for new “community” features that will enable the Dark Reading to communicate more easily with each other and with the Dark Reading editorial team. In addition, readers will see more information and contributions from our sister event, Black Hat, bringing the audiences of Dark Reading and Black Hat closer together while enabling these two leading security industry forums to share content.  Through a deeper partnership, Dark Reading and Black Hat hope to serve both audiences better, delivering broader and deeper information to security professionals.

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