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New Study Reveals CIOs Rely Heavily on Peer Insight and Advice When Making IT Purchase Decisions

Also reveals while CIO may be the ultimate decision maker, the organizational purchase process is extremely collaborative; tech marketers must ensure marketing strategy reaches across all influencers

Today we unveiled the "The CIO State of Mind – How to Successfully Engage with CIOs" research report.

Key highlights of "The CIO State of Mind – How to Successfully Engage with CIOs" report include:

  • CIOs are optimistic when it comes to IT spending. Fifty eight percent expect IT spending to increase in 2014 versus last year.
  • CIOs see their main business challenges as lowering costs, network uptime, IT innovation and security breaches. Half of them would like their IT organization to spend more time on innovation.
  • Mobile and security are the key IT priorities. Fifty four percent would like to do more with mobile applications and devices, while 53% would like to improve security.
  • Seventy five percent of CIOs rely heavily on peers for input when they are making technology decisions.
  • While the CIO is the ultimate decision maker, the purchase process is extremely collaborative. Seventy three percent say their line of business or corporate management counterparts are important when it comes to making tech decisions. On average, 12 people are involved in the purchase.
  • Sixty five percent of IT executive level titles get involved for new tech purchases.

The report also shows that tech marketers need to ensure they have a balanced, integrated paid, owned and earned media strategy that reaches CIOs and senior IT executives.

"CIOs rely heavily on peers for input when they are making technology decisions," said Amy Doherty, Research Director, UBM Tech.  "Tech marketers would be wise to include peer-based insight across their content marketing strategies."

The research, which was conducted in May 2014, is based on surveys from 150 senior level IT executives including CIOs, CTOs, EVPs, and VPs.

To schedule an appointment with a UBM Tech sales representative to see the complete "The CIO State of Mind – How to Successfully Engage with CIOs" research report, or for more information on how UBM Tech can help you reach senior IT executives, contact Winnie Ng, VP of Marketing, at [email protected].

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